String Quartet
Audio Samples

Pachelbel's Canon
Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Here Comes the Sun
All I Want is You
Hey Ya!
God Only Knows
String trio violinist

Please enjoy this selection of audio samples featuring a variety of songs from Bob Gail's String Quartet musicians.

The Bob Gail String Quartet is a team of the highest rated talent in Los Angeles.

The String Quartet has been performing together for years, which makes their harmonious relationship truly undeniable.

Bob Gail’s String Quartet provides a wide range of musical genres ranging from classical songs to old school favorites to today’s hits.

From tear jerking moments to moments of jubilee, the String Quartet’s musical performance sets the tone of every step of the event.

The power of their song has the awing ability to emotionally move each guest creating an unforgettable event.