A packed dance floor is always a sign of a great event.  Jump Start ensures that happens all night long.
Jump Start vocalist performs for a couple's first dance
Horns section creates a more dynamic sound for an amazing live performance
Guitarist in Bob Gail's party band Jump Start performing a Beatles solo
Jump Start performs for a packed dance floor at a fundraising event
Male vocalist wows the crowd
Male vocalist sings a ballad at a corporate party
The female vocalists perform backup for a Motown number
Female vocalist performs for a packed dance floor
Jump Start vocalist kicks off the party with a Top 40 hit
A Hip Hop performance during one of our corporate events
Female vocalists serenade the crowd

Jump Start

Jump Start in action.

Each member of Jump Start has a unique and vibrant personality, which creates remarkable onstage chemistry.

The Jump Start members are extremely crowd friendly.

Each member of Jump Start loves what they do, and their love for music and performing is truly undeniable.

Above loving what they do, Jump Start cares about making the event the best event imaginable and this generosity shines through their performance.  

The members of Jump Start will make the event an unforgettable night of dancing and fun.