Swan Lake
Overview of the Baby Shower Celebration
Kids' table complete with a train carrying crayons and stickers
Fiesta-Inspired Brunch Details
Jewel Toned Flowers and Colorful Glasses Line the Table
8 Feet Moss Covered Letters Line the Animal Inspired Stage
Crystals hang around the perimeter reflecting icy blue light

Bob Gail Special Events is a full-service event planning, design, entertainment, and production company with over 36 years of experience creating unique and personalized events.

As social event planners, Bob Gail Special Events ensures that every facet is professionally coordinated, allowing our clients to enjoy the entire planning experience and the entirety of the event.

With over three decades in the event industry, Bob Gail differs than other event planners as each event is managed from a production viewpoint.

This specialty production knowledge guarantees flawless events as all elements, lighting, power, entertainment, vendors, catering, etc., are expertly handled and therefore guarantee guests enjoyment.

The planning and coordination team at Bob Gail is known for producing custom social events filled with inventive design, seamless planning and on-site event flow, and thoughtful details. 

Production expertise complemented by a keen eye for design creates successful and stunning events.

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