Kind Words from our Clients

Brian & Caryn,

I really want to thank you again for doing such a fabulous job on my dinner at the Sherwood Country Club. I can’t believe it has been a month! The room looked so beautiful, everything was great! You two were such a pleasure to work with. I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work. Everyone really loved the event. My apologies for sending this so late, you know what it is like to be super busy and time just gets away from you.



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Dear Bob Gail Special Events,

I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful work you did for my toga party at Sunset Beach on 11/17! It was just perfect. Everyone, from Brian and Carol to Jessica and her entire crew, was absolutely wonderful to work with. I only hope that another event brings me to L.A. so that I can work with you all again!

Many thanks!


Hi there, just wanted to say Santa did a really great job.  The kids loved it and the lady that runs the child care thought he was great.  He sang to the kids and read a story and she said it was the best Santa she ever had.  Thank you again for all you did.

Happy New Year...



Let me say it was a pleasure working with you from start to finish (and I loved the basket!!)

You turned our glimmer of an idea into a memorable event for all of our guests. We couldn’t have hoped for more.

Thank you for sharing your standard of excellence with UC Irvine and for sharing the evening with us!

All the best,


Brian and Katie,

We have heard nothing but praise! Good job!! Thank you both so much in the execution of this production! It was beautiful- all of it! Let’s have another party soon!


This is both a commendation and a thank you.

The planning an execution for Jerilyn and Peter’s party on July 3, 2009 was outstanding. I believe that we owe particular thank you to you and Katie for the planning of what was not by any means a particularly large assignment. Despite belated and substantial changes, the challenging preliminary work was carried out efficiently and courteously. Carol implemented the delivery and set up with grace and humor. She even smiled at my catastrophically unfunny comments.

Jane and I owe the entire organization thanks for a delightful evening and a wonderful celebration of a great event in our family history.

I would appreciate you insuring that that inadequate note is made part of the employment file of each person involved, including the set-up and strike crews.

Whit admiration and appreciation,

Jane and Ted

Everything went great! I'm receiving a ton of kudos for the event so thank you for that! The games were a big hit, but the karaoke was the biggest hit of all. I definitely have to bring that back for next year. Thanks for checking back with me and making sure it was a successful event!


Awesome party! Best one yet I think! You guys are amazing as usual and Scott, I think my mom wants to adopt you. Which would be
Let's plan on another rager next year for sure!! Saturday the 31st.
We can talk next week to lock it in.


Hi Bob,

They really enjoyed the activities and had a great time!!!  

I always like to recommend good providers!  So if a client ever needed to speak to someone I am happy to give you a "Thumbs Up."

The party was a resounding success, thank you so much!  I hope the entertainers had a good time too!


Hi Bob,

I want to thank you and your staff for everything you did to make Joffrey's July 4th party a success. According to him "it was awesome!"

Take care,

Hi Steven & Kristy,


I’m writing to thank you again for the rentals over the weekend. Manny the person in charge the day of the installation….was absolutely FANTASTIC!  So sweet and accommodating and patient with my client while we decided how we wanted everything set up. The event looked spectacular and we were so grateful for the last minute order.


Thank you again for everything! The birthday party was amazing!